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Davide Cerreta is an Italo-German Jazz Singer, Pianist, Composer and Lyricist that has appeared in several international venues, TV shows and Festivals, including the Umbria Jazz Festival, Peperoncino Jazz Festival, X-Factor (Sky1 De), Rai1, A-Trane Jazz Club Berlin, MHH Teather Paris. Moreover Davide is a Berklee Global Jazz Institute alumni.

Davide was born in Roma and at 21 years old moved to Berlin starting to collaborate with Eric Vaughn, Kelvin Sholar, Reggie Moore (Johnny Hartman’s Pianist), Eric Hansworth, Anna Margolina and Ernst Bier.

In 2017 Davide toured the South American continent as a special guest pianist and vocalist on a SilverSea Luxury Ship. Back in Italy, Davide participated in the “Berklee Clinics at Umbria Jazz”, where he was picked to join the “Berklee/Umbria Jazz Award Group” along with six other musicians and to play at the “Umbria Jazz Winter 2017”.

In the same year Davide moved back to Rome for a short period and started a collaboration as resident pianist and artistic director with “The RoomStudios Gallery” where he organized live concerts with some of the best musicians of the roman jazz scene every week.

In the summer 2018 Davide sang with his project “Stardust”with Sandro Deidda, Gianfranco Campagnoli, Antonio Caps, Elio Coppola and has been a national special guest at the Peperoncino Jazz Festival where he performed several times.

In the same year Davide took part in X-Factor Germany reaching the 9th position in the program.

Shortly after he had a 5-day tour in Netherlands with Ilse Huizinga and led a Jazz Vocal Improvisation Workshop in Amsterdam for 2 days.

Back to Berlin Davide performed in several new projects, one to mention is the Christmas Special at the A-Trane Jazz Club Berlin, when he sang for 5 consequent nights with a wonderful band made of American and German musicians. The band featured Reggie Moore on piano, Eric Unsworth on Upright bass, Kevin Burrell on Percussions, Ernst Bier on Drums and Mack Goldsbury on Saxophone.

Davide continued to perform in different festivals and clubs between Germany and Italy such as Gregory’s Jazz Club Roma and the Jazz am Schloss Festival for an “All Stars Night” together with Yellow Jackets, Peter Fessler and others.

In 2019 Davide moved to Paris where he played in different venues and theaters like Canal Jazz Club, Maison Heinrich Heine and others.

During his musical journey Davide gave several concerts and music lessons for Charity. He is also active in the fight against climate change and pollution.

Education and Masters

2020 – 2021
BGJI – Berklee Global Jazz Institute – Master

Roberta Gambarini – Workshop (Napoli)

Judy Niemack – Workshop  (Roma)

Barry Harris – Workshop (Roma)

04.07.2017 – 16.07.2017
Berklee at Umbria Jazz Clinics

Jazz Vocals Bachelor – Graduate from “Domenico Cimaorsa” Conservatory (Avellino)

Bob Stoloff Scat – Masterclass (Sesto Fiorentino)

Speech Level Singing – Marco Clarizia Masterclass (Salerno)